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Welcome! I hope you find in this site an indication that I may be the right therapist to help you find a resolution to what is afflicting you at this point in your life. You are not alone. Many people struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, insecurity, panic attacks, obsessions, confusion, and mood swings. Others have difficulties in their relationship, feel lost, empty, feel isolated, or misunderstood. In my experience, I have recognized that although these symptoms appear to be different, at the core, there is personal suffering that demands our attention.

Finding psychological help when we are suffering from emotional or psychological pain need not to be shameful, just as there is no shame in seeking a physical therapist to help us restore our physical condition. If you are shopping around for an experienced and knowledgeable psychotherapist to work with, you are doing the right thing.

Because one of the most important factors to benefit from therapy is finding a good therapeutic connection between therapist and client, I offer an initial 15-20 minute complementary consultation session free of charge to those without insurance. In this session you can determine if I meet your expectations or if we are good fit and for me to determine if I have the expertise to help you. If your problems fall outside my field of expertise (child custody, medication management, legal issues), I will help you locate the services you need.

I provide a safe, supportive, nurturing and healing space for you to express what is afflicting and troubling you. I view our sessions as an opportunity to allow the inner workings of the Self to soothe and reconnect you to the essence of Soul and Being. In our sessions, I listen and try to understand your troubles, difficulties or painful experiences from your perspective. I then try to help you discover alternatives that lead to healing and inner transformation. Clients often tell me that I help them feel supported and understood. A common theme that I hear from them is that besides feeling hopeful and optimistic about their future, they also feel inspired and motivated to pursue their most cherished goals.

My approach is holistic, which involves an equal, non-authoritarian, non-judgmental dialogue allowing and welcoming the healing and transformative power of the Self. I have been trained and have experience in different modalities of psychotherapeutic approaches. My experience ranges from in-depth, psychodynamic-Jungian Oriented modality, Mindfulnes, to Mind-Body relationship and Cognitive Techniques.

To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact me @ (562) 413-1895.


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